About Altavita® D3

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Altavita® D3 is indicated for the Prevention and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency*.

Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency

Altavita® D3 offers a choice of 1,000 IU daily, 7,000 IU weekly or 25,000 IU monthly vitamin D3 medicines for the Prevention of Vitamin D Deficiency.1-4

You can discuss with your patient which of these presentations ties in with their routine. This can aid patient compliance with their medicine.

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Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency

Altavita D3 offers a choice of 1 x Altavita 50,000 IU soft capsules or 2 x Altavita 25,000 IU soft capsules for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency (taken weekly for 6-8 weeks). 3-5

An 8 week study comparing similar cumulative doses of vitamin D3 administered either daily, weekly or monthly in elderly patients with hip fracture, demonstrated that supplementation with vitamin D can be achieved equally well with daily, weekly or monthly dosing 6