Why have I been prescribed Altavita® D3 ?

Altavita® D3 is a Vitamin D Prescription Medicine

Most likely, your doctor has prescribed Altavita® D3 for you because you have a vitamin D deficiency, or they want to prevent you developing one. Altavita® D3 is also used alongside other medicines to treat certain bone conditions such as thinning of the bone (osteoporosis).

You need a prescription from your doctor to get Altavita® D3. You can’t buy it ‘over the counter’.

Vitamin D supplements that you can buy at your pharmacy are manufactured to different standards than prescription-only medicines such as Altavita® D3.

You can be sure with a prescription-only medicine, such as Altavita® D3, that your medicine will provide you with a consistent amount of vitamin D at the quantity specified on the pack.

IE-ALT-222, Date of Preparation July 2020

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