Top tips for remembering to take your medicine

Top tips for remembering to take your medicine

It is important to keep taking your medicine as it has been prescribed – even if you feel healthy and well.

Top tips for remembering to take your medicine  Icon of an alarm clock

  • Keep your medicine in a place where it’s handy at the right time
    e.g. in a small pot in your handbag or at work, next to your breakfast cereal, with your packed lunch, by your bed.
  • Set yourself reminders
    e.g. write it on your calendar, set a phone alarm, ask a family member to remind you, write it on your to-do list.
  • Monitor yourself
    Keep a record of when you’ve taken your medicine – and give yourself a treat if you don’t forget it.
  • Tie in taking your medicine to an event that occurs at the same frequency
    For example, if you are taking a once weekly medicine, tie it in with an event that occurs once a week.
  • Make it a habit
    Try and take your medicine at the same time and place every dose so you get into a habit.
  • Get a reminder app for your phone or tablet

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